We ARE (Advancing Racial Equity)

WeARE is an initiative to change the popular narrative that undergirds inequities in the Washington, DC region. The next time you watch local evening news, pay attention to the antagonist in the narrative. What you will likely find is that the antagonist is a person of color. This tale, popularized by media and reinforced by visibly unequal outcomes by race, keeps our region from achieving its fullest potential. It impacts how our city chooses to invest its resources.

To change the narrative, WeARE aims to:

  • Elevate the stories of people of color that reflect a more complex reality, one that refutes the simplified popular narrative.

  • Engage with the social profit and philanthropic sectors, community members and policymakers to disseminate new narratives.

The Consumer Health Foundation believes that these new and more accurate narratives will help us to achieve racial equity in the region. If the popular narrative no longer guides us, our investments will be different. We will invest in efforts that lead to people of color in wards 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8 living at least as long as Whites living in wards 2 and 3. Our new efforts will ensure that the economic gains and losses from racism’s past and present no longer determine so many of our futures. It also means that we will account for the legacy of structural racism as we design policies for a healthier, more prosperous region.

WeARE is a call to action for all of us to work together to advance racial equity, thus ensuring that the greater Washington region achieve its fullest potential.