What We Fund

WhatWeFundCHF will provide funding support for organizations that are:

  • committed to racial equity and are operationalizing it
  • undertaking community organizing or community engagement, and
  • undertaking advocacy.

CHF will support the organizing of low-income patients/clients, workers, community members, immigrants, and others. CHF will also support community-based organizations and nonprofits that use advocacy strategies with a racial equity lens at the local, state and regional levels.

Advocacy for local, state, and regional policy change and systems reform is essential to achieve the change we envision. CHF defines advocacy as efforts to create local, state and regional policy change and systems reforms that benefit Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander, and people of color communities in the Washington, DC region. Activities could include community engagement and organizing among residents in low-income neighborhoods, development and policy recommendations, policy implementation and montoring, budget and policy analysis, coalition or network building, convenings, stakeholder engagement and collective problem solving among diverse groups, campaigns, media and communication.