Margaret O’Bryon Learning Journey Fund


Margaret-Quote-FinalThe Consumer Health Foundation (CHF) created the Margaret O’Bryon Learning Journey Fund in recognition of its founding President’s support for learning and innovation. Margaret believes in the power of people building relationships and gaining knowledge together. One way that this can be achieved is through learning journeys — when a group of people travel to other communities within or outside the Washington, D.C., region to learn together.

Learning Journeys of Grantees

In 2013, CHF awarded six grantees small grants of up to $5,000 to undertake their learning journeys. The organizations learned about issues that address access to quality health care and the social and economic factors that affect the health of individuals and their communities. These small investments resulted in the following:

  • Participation of diverse individuals from different races and ethnicities, income levels, education and occupations
  • Affirmation that the voices of those who are affected by the issues — grassroots leaders, community members and consumers — are heard and engaged in advocating for their families and communities
  • Partnerships with community organizations, labor unions, research and policy institutions, associations of community health workers, health improvement institutes and local government agencies
  • Deeper understanding of how to advance policy reform, sustain long-term campaigns and generate support from small businesses
  • Development of grantee capacity to learn from partner organizations and adapt the learnings in their work
  • Relationship building among grantees through a learning exchange