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Applying a Racial Equity Analysis: Medical Care Past and Present

August 11, 2020
By Yanique Redwood

Here at CHF, we rarely talk about medical care. As a health foundation, we recognize that only a small portion of our health—20% according to experts—is determined by what happens in medical care settings.

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How I’m Surviving The Pandemic/Cómo sobrevivo la pandemia

August 3, 2020
By Bonnie Page

Bonnie Page is one of the community members that Consumer Health Foundation has engaged with during our community centered transformation. Below she describes her pandemic experience.

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The People’s Will Be Felt

June 2, 2020
By Yanique Redwood

A few weeks ago, Sagetopia, our graphic design firm offered to create a graphic for its clients as a public service during the COVID-19 pandemic. We said, “Yes” and sent them potential quotes they might use. How would we use the resulting graphic? We did not know.

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