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COVID-19 will not Affect Everyone the Same

April 2, 2020
By Yanique Redwood

I have heard and witnessed a few disturbing “trends” in the wake of COVID-19. Madonna and others have proclaimed that COVID-19 is the great equalizer: It affects everyone the same. COVID-19 will not affect everyone the same.

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There will Always be a Disease

March 26, 2020
By Yanique Redwood

It is a shame that we have to bottom out for governments to make the moves they are making, but if that is what it takes, let us use this opening. Let’s drive wealth into communities of color.

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Applying a Racial Equity Analysis: Black Employment in the District of Columbia

February 27, 2020
By Doni Crawford, Policy Analyst, DC Fiscal Policy Institute

As a District, we often talk about the state of our booming economy and widespread prosperity. But for whom? Doni Crawford, policy analyst at DC Fiscal Policy Institute, applies a racial equity lens to Black employment in DC.

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