Our Vision

Black people and people of the global majority live powerfully, abundantly and beautifully in healthy, self-determined communities free of social, economic and ideological violence.

Our Approach

While our vision is utopic, it will not be achieved without a fight. Therefore, we will fight, and we will stand in solidarity with those who are also fighting for their lives.

Our Mission

We achieve our vision by centering the leadership and expertise of Black people and people of the global majority in the Washington, DC region who live at the sharpest intersection of systems of oppression, in particular race, class and gender identity. We build relationships to transform how philanthropic, nonprofit and government resources are deployed to disrupt institutions and structures that perpetuate anti-black racism and other intersectional discriminatory harms. We share power and decision-making and we support organizations that build the people’s power to demand and achieve justice. We take risks that others are not willing to take and we are comfortable seeding bold ideas and sparking innovation. We speak our truth and support platforms for communities to tell their own truths, and we heal ourselves and facilitate healing in our communities.

Our Values

We carry out our work by adhering to the following values:

  • We believe that truth-telling is a part of healing and that acknowledging past and current racial atrocities is integral to justice.
  • We build trusting authentic relationships with communities, partners and colleagues where knowledge, power and resources are shared equitably. 
  • We are committed to innovation and risk-taking and embrace bold ideas that disrupt the status quo. 
  • We stand firmly with communities that have been most harmed by systems of oppression and support their ability to exercise power. 
  • We prioritize radical learning and share lessons to make way for progress and effective action. 
  • We acknowledge the inconsistencies and contradictions inherent in the philanthropic enterprise and aim to model the vision we believe is possible by ensuring that our own policies, practices and operations are transformative and reflect the values we hold. 

Our Theory of Change

Download a printable version (PDF|289 KB) of our Theory of change. For Spanish, click here (PDF|301KB).